Church of the Good Shepherd

The Episcopal Church in Rangeley, Maine

From Bishop Brown

Effective immediately, based on the Bishops recommendation, there will be no Sunday Service at the Church of the Good Shepherd until further notice!

Every faith community in the Diocese of Maine should suspend in-person worship, formation programs, and governance meetings until further notice (as of today, the Centers for Disease Control recommends against gatherings of 50 or more for the next eight weeks). However, we are not closing our churches: in fact, I encourage our congregations to explore options for providing limited access to our buildings for individual and private prayer (within the safe parameters of CDC guidelines).

Rector Search

Prospective Candidates

We welcome you to explore our world away from the pace and congestion of cities, located amid the Western Mountains of Maine surrounded by God’s amazing creations.

We are looking for a 3/4 time (9 units) priest. An important benefit is our well maintained rectory (3 BR, 3 BA, 2 car garage) on a quiet street with a view of Haley Pond.

At our recent Annual Meeting, a member expressed it well when she said:

“As we search for a new leader for our community, I think it is important to remember what growth this season of change has brought. We are striving to do more, each of us, individually. For our community. We are realizing , bit by bit, what we can handle by ourselves. We are being creative in our efforts to gather more funds, with solid plans to improve our buildings. We are growing, slowly, into a stronger and more stable community. I pray that this sense of strength and determination does not fade when we find the priest we have been praying for and that new leadership will take our season of growth to a new level. We are discovering what we can be on our own. And I think what we are is pretty amazing. We will find that person to work with us because we are strong and getting stronger.”

We hope you find this parish information for the Church of the Good Shepherd a fit with your own goals and expectations. If you do, we hope you will explore with us whether God is calling you to serve with us in this beautiful part of the western mountains of Maine.

God’s Peace,
The Church of the Good Shepherd’s Discernment Committee

For additional information about our area, visit these web sites:

Rangeley Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Rangeley Lakes Regional School

Rangeley Public Library

Rangeley Friends of the Arts

Guides and Sportsmen’s Association

Rangeley Health and Wellness

Town of Rangeley

Congregation Update

Where is the Search process now?

The Committee began working again in November. We finished the questions we had begun previously and those answers have been submitted to the Diocese and approved. Theses are to be sent to OTM (Office of Transition Ministry) for publication for all clergy who are searching for a new ministry.

We have completed the letter to searchers on our website. Updates will also be there for parishioners and friends to follow our progress.

Next we hope to start receiving applications. These all come to the Diocese first for preliminary screening,. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.

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