Church of the Good Shepherd

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Parish Leadership

The Rev. Thom Rock, Rector

 Barry Libby, Senior Warden

See the source imagePhil Freeman, Junior Warden

Joanne Dunlap, Treasurer/Bookkeeper

Ethna L. Thompson, Clerk of the Vestry


The Vestry is the group within our parish that, with the Rector, leads the parish. We help discern the vision toward which God is drawing us, articulate and communicate that vision, and hold the parish accountable for its realization. We keep the mission of the Church and our congregation held clearly before the parish.

2020: Heidi Ross (1st term), George Harperink (S) (1st term)

2021: Rick Clark (2nd term), Rufus Griscom (S) (1st term)

2022: Amanda Christian (1st term), Rudy Davis (2nd term), Joanne Dunlap (1st term), Caroline Fazekas (2nd term), Mary Etta Targett (1st term), Brittany Wetherill (1st term)

(S)ummer Vestry: 2 year terms, Vestry 3 year terms. Elected at Annual Summer Parish Meeting, each may hold 2 consecutive terms, with a year off before serving again. Terms expire in December of calendar year indicated. 

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Ivy Berry, Joanne Dunlap, Nancy Ludwig, Marcia White

Delegates to the 2020 Convention

Delegates: Caroline Fazekas, Nancy Ludwig

Alternates: Pam Ellis, Robert Ludwig


Church of the Good Shepherd - Rangeley, Maine | A member of The Episcopal Diocese of Maine, The Episcopal Church, and the Worldwide Anglican Communion