Church of the Good Shepherd

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The history of the Episcopal Church in the western mountains of Maine begins as early as the arrival of Squire Rangeley in the Mid 1800’s with the building of a small chapel for his wife and the early settlers.

The current Church began when a group of Rangeley citizens expressed their need to then Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Benjamin Brewster, in 1919. A home church was begun and in June of that year communion and baptismal services were conducted. In 1920 the Rev. Walter Howe held regular services during the summer.

In 1921, the first church services were held in a stable! The stable was moved to a location on Lake Street (now the Skowhegan Savings Bank parking lot), and renovated into a quaint church with parishioners doing most of the renovation. This “little church” was quite cozy. There was a wood furnace in the basement (undercroft) and a pump organ upstairs.  A few dedicated parishioners would come in the wee hours of the morning to build a roaring fire in the wood furnace so the church would be warm for the 11 o’clock service. Clergy were present in the summer, and members of the congregation would conduct the service during the colder months. Occasionally a supply priest would arrive to celebrate communion.

The church, originally a mission, became a parish in 1961 during the tenure of the Rev. Daniel Sullivan, under whose leadership the current church was built and dedicated in 1965.

Vicars and Rectors at Good Shepherd

1920-1921 Walter E. Howe
1923 Aubrey Gilmore
1924 Howard H. Hussinger
1930 George Bell
1932-1933 Llewellyn Diplock
1934-1935 James L. Hayes
1937-1940 John R. McFarlane
1940-1943 Richard M. Fenton
1944-1947 David K. Montgomery
1947 A.E. Scott
1948-1949 Anthony P. Treasure
1950-1951 W.E. Brown
1951 Herbert S. Craig
1953-1955 R.S. Smith
1955-1956 Fr. Fox
1956-1966 Daniel K. Sullivan
1966-1971 Edgar M. Bailey
1971-1978 H. James Raines
1980-1983 Melvin Richardson
1984-1991 Holly Eden
1993-2000 Seth G. Richmond
2002-2007 T. Kyle Grennen
2008-2015 Judson Pealer
2016-2018 Jennifer M. Reece
2020 Thom Rock


Church of the Good Shepherd - Rangeley, Maine | A member of The Episcopal Diocese of Maine, The Episcopal Church, and the Worldwide Anglican Communion